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Bobby And Freddy’s Last Words To Jade Goody

by | 5th, April 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Jack’s words, specials and the boys speak…

Front Pages:

Daily Express: “Farewell Jade”

Ten page special!

Daily Mail: “Goodbye Jade”

Two-page special

Daily Star: “My Grief For Jade”

“Jade in pictures – Special Tribute magazine”

News of The World: “Goodbye Princess”

“Souvenir edition and pullout”

Sunday Mirror: “Miss You Forever”

“Farewell to Jade and pullout tribute”

Daily Mirror: “Life will never be the same without you by my side – JACK TWEED YESTERDAY”

He faltered just once. As grieving Jack Tweed neared the end of his moving, eloquent poem to Jade, he paused and sniffed with emotion.

In that instant everyone sensed his grief – the mourners around him in the church, the thousands watching on video screens outside.

Man upset at losing wife – read all about it! Thousands of journalists look on…

Sorrow and sympathy came in a wave around him.

Says he:

“If only I could lie again in the warmth of your embrace, To feel your tender kisses and breath upon my face.

“I have asked God to give me strength to face the days alone, to help me heal my broken heart and mend my shattered soul.”

And as Jade’s mum Jackiey, in her front pew, bowed her head and began to sob quietly, Jack steeled himself to carry on with the poem.

Now, read on…


Freddy… Bobby…

Heartbreakingly innocent, the words of her two sons summed up all the emotion brimming over for Jade at St John’s church in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, yesterday.

“Our beautiful Mummy, at daytime you will be our special angel, and by night the brightest star in the sky. You will always be looking over us. Love you, Bobby and Freddie.”

It was a tribute penned on the back of the order of service, written from the other side of the world in Australia, bringing tears to the eyes of the 300 mourners packed into the church.

Outside, thousands stood watching the service broadcast on giant screens.

Thousands more had lined the streets to pay their respects to the mother who finally lost her battle with cervical cancer two weeks ago today.

It was an extraordinary spectacle.

Daily Mirror (Richard Madeley): “She was just a bloody good kid”

Well, she’s gone now and it’s all about what might have been. I think Jade would probably have transformed herself with adult education. Had she had the breaks as a kid, I think her brain was sharp enough to see her into university.

She could have been Gail Trimble

You don’t need to be sharp to go to university – just compliant.

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