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Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann’s Documentary

by | 5th, April 2009

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Gerry McCann has returned to Portugal. Now read on…

Sunday Mirror: “Madeleine McCann’s dad to relive kidnap”

For our entertainment?

MADELEINE McCann’s dad Gerry was last night back at the spot where she vanished two years ago – to film a reconstruction of the mystery. He hopes to spur a fresh wave of interest in the hunt for the tot, who would be six next month.

But heartbroken mum Kate will not be in the Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary.

A TV special. A film. A prequel. A book. A made-for-TV film. A soap. A multi-media experience. Madeleine McCann: The FBI, Maddy’s New Look And The Maddie Movie.

She cannot face returning to Praia da Luz, the Portuguese Algarve resort where Maddie disappeared on May 3, 2007.

Best leave her alone, then. Madeleine McCann: Every Directors Worst Nightmare.

Dad-of-three Gerry, 40, flew to Portugal on Friday. He looked distraught as he let himself into the apartment where the family was staying. Then he retraced the steps to the tapas bar where he was dining with friends when his daughter vanished.

Welcome back, Gerry!

Some locals in the resort shouted: “Go home. What are you doing here, Gerry? Leave us alone.”

What locals? Were they ex-pats? And what did they shout it? As ever, no investigatiosn. Just watching the parents.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said of the film:” The objective is to jog someone’s memory and get that critical bit of information that will help find Madeleine.”

Was it you? So who plays Our Maddie?

Matthew Lewis?

Kelsey Lynn Kudla?

Bouchra Benaissa?


Him. Her.

Maddie will be played by a McCann family friend in the film, made by independent production company Mentorn Media. Actors will play Kate, witnesses in the case and hotel staff.


It is hoped the film will be broadcast across Europe on May 7.

Daily Mirror: “The McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “There are new elements in it that may generate that important piece of information that could lead to Madeleine being found.

Gerry will stop at nothing to find Madeleine or at least discover what happened to her in that flat, no matter how difficult and painful it is.”

Daily Mail: “Gerry McCann returns to Portugal apartment where Madeleine vanished to film TV reconstruction”

Mr McCann arrived in the country on Friday with 15 actors and a television crew to shoot the Crimewatch-style film of the events surrounding the toddler’s disappearance. The reconstruction, set up by the family’s team of private investigators, will be screened on Channel Four on May 7, five days before Madeleine’s fifth birthday.

Madeleine McCann was born on May 12 2003. Such are the facts.

Statements from Portuguese police files will be read out over the top of scenes showing how witnesses claim the night unfolded, including shots of a mysterious man Ms Tanner says she saw walking away from the McCanns’ apartment block.

Mr McCann, Ms Tanner and Mr Oldfield are acting as advisers to the production…

Gerry McCann – what of him?

Dressed casually in a turquoise T-shirt, brown trousers and trainers, Mr McCann let himself into the apartment…

But the visit provoked the anger of some locals, who have criticised a fresh poster appeal in the area. One woman shouted in Portuguese: ‘Go Home, leave Praia da Luz.’


NEW dossiers could provide vital clues in the case of blond toddler Ben Needham who disappeared on the Greek island of Kos nearly 18 years ago.

Despite numerous sightings , the fate of the toddler has remained a mystery but his mother Kerry has never given up hope of finding him and with the help of Euro MEP Edward McMillan-Scott she has compiled the file of new information being studied by the authorities.

Mr McMillan-Scott, who has campaigned on behalf of Gerry and Kate McCann for a European-wide ­missing child alert, says the new information is “compelling”.

Missing children – do they ever change?

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