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How To Get To Jade Goody’s Shrine

by | 6th, April 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with

Daily Star: “Jade’s secret shrine”

Old Mr Anorak would like readers to know that the shrine will not be dismantled after a suitable period of mourning – say, ten years – but in the Shrine Facility, alongside shrines to Our Maddy, Baby P, Princess Diana, Nike Baldwin, Cecil Rhodes and many more…

The Sun: “We don’t want her grave to be shrine”

The grave to the unknown TV star…

WORRIED relatives of Jade Goody last night urged fans to stay away from the reality TV star’s secret burial place — insisting: “We don’t want to turn it into a shrine.”

The Sun has a picture of the non-shrine, equipped with huge floral tribute to Jade and weeping blonde.

About 100 people visited the quiet country churchyard yesterday to take snaps and gawp at the grave, despite attempts by widower Jack and Jade’s mum Jackiey Budden to keep it private

Why gawp when the Sun’s man is taking photos?

Another friend revealed: “Jack is not happy. He doesn’t want the whole graveyard being trampled by strangers. He’ll get very upset if he tries to visit over the coming days and there are hundreds of people there. The family really hoped their privacy would be respected.”


…A close chum of Jade who placed flowers at her graveside yesterday said: “Only a few people were meant to know about this place, the family wanted it that way. There’s talk of getting security here if it gets out of hand.”

Give it a week…

The Sun: “Star one of ours just like Princess”


NOT since the funeral of Princess Diana had a nation been so united in grief.

Not even 7/7 comes close to this…

The streets were lined six-deep as they were in 1997, as hordes of mourners said farewell to someone they loved — and someone they knew loved them. The two princesses may have come from different sides of the tracks but they shared the common touch…

Cameras followed the 27-mile procession and millions were glued to their TVs — just as they were for Diana’s final journey.

The Princess of Rough Diamonds:

Onlookers showered Jade’s hearse with flowers, a tribute started for Diana.

The crowds outside the church applauded as the service began, just as they did at Westminster Abbey in 1997.

For both Diana and Jade, the most poignant focus was on their two sons — Diana’s walking proudly behind the coffin. Jade’s boys were not there but were at the centre of everyone’s emotions.

For she was an adoring mum who gave everything for her sons. Just like the Princess of Wales

She was a celebrity…

Daily Mirror: “Jade At Peace”

Or not.


Melissa Thompson contacts Jade:

Jade Goody’s closest family and friends wrote touching messages on balloons then sent them floating up to the heavens in a final farewell to the reality TV star.

If they fail to reach Heaven, and land instead in your garden or window-box, you owe it to Jade to keep the balloon full of warm air forever.

Says Jade’s grandfather John Caddock:

“If Jade had seen the day she would’ve loved it. She would’ve been so proud and chuffed that so many people came to say goodbye to her. Now she’s fully at peace and that’s something we can take comfort from.”


“They handed white balloons out to everyone and we wrote messages on them, just personal silly things really, and sent them up into the sky.”


“I wrote on mine, ‘We are Jade’s grandparents, we wish you all happiness and keep thinking of Jade’. That was it really, just something happy.”

…made public.


“I’ve never seen so many people in one place, I didn’t think there would be so many. I was touched by people in Bermondsey who came out. Jade would’ve been touched to see them come and support her.”

There were an estimated 4,000 people looking on as Jade was driven. Lots of people. How many were just out shopping or on their way to watch Millwall’s home game with Walsall (Attendance: 8,800) and stopped to look on can only be guessed at.

And Jade?


Jade’s final resting place looks over lush, rolling meadows. Her grave at St Thomas’ Church, close to her home in Upshire, Essex, bears a wooden cross. A gold plaque reads: “In loving memory of Jade Goody.”

To get there:

The graveyard is entered through an iron archway, ringed by cherry blossom trees and daffodils. As Jade’s coffin was lowered into the ground at Saturday’s private burial ceremony, 27 doves were released – one for each year of her life.

Daily Mirror: “Jade’s funeral was exactly like her.. raw, real, emotion-filled and completely unforgettable”

Polly Hudson says:

It was, as billed, the final Jade Goody production. So we shouldn’t have been surprised the girl herself made an appearance on screen. “That’s it from me! See you around maybe. Byeee!” she said, beaming that smile in a sign-off filmed for one of her Living reality shows. It could have been uncomfortable, in bad taste even, if it were anyone else. But for the thousands at St John’s , it was natural.”

Tha-tha-that-that’s not all folks:

Of course, the sight of Jade in her prime, in her element on screen, triggered tears. But everyone was among friends, even if they arrived alone… One girl on a mobile to her mother at home kept the rest of us informed about the movements of Jade’s cortege: “Mum says Jade’s just crossing the river now.”


“She’s just reached Essex.” “Jack’s wearing his wedding suit, just like she wanted.” “Jackiey started crying when she saw the cortege but people outside the house shouted messages of support and it seemed to help her a bit.”

Polly Hudson is live at the scene, listening to goings on as told by someone’s mum to their child and then relayed to you – readers of the Daily Mirror…

Proud of you, Polly:

And I for one am proud to have been part of the final Jade Goody Production.

The Sun: End was sad, but beautiful


When I joined Living the channel had already made Jade’s Salon with her. We were then making a programme called Just Jade about her perfume. She was a ball of energy, charming, funny, engaging, warm. And she was a bit of a runaway train — she never drew breath…

She was courageous and inspirational. She has shone a light on death, and that is the last taboo. It was a miracle she was as well as she was for the wedding.

We stopped filming on the day of the wedding. It felt right.

JADE: With Love Part 2 airs this Thursday at 9pm.

Jade Goody is resting…

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