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Jade Goody’s Grave Robbers

by | 7th, April 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with grave robbers, Jade TV and awards…


It’s what she would have wanted, right?

Ten Famous Shoplifters, With Jade Goody And Steven Gerrard

JADE Goody’s final resting place is being lined up as a target by robbers, her family believe.


The frantic pair may bring in round-the-clock security after its secret location was revealed.


Bishop Jonathan Blake said: “There was talk of Jade being buried where she is out of reach of the public, like Princess Diana, but her family know that she belongs to the people. But the consequence of this is that Jade’s family must now manage the crowds. One way would be to have guards there permanently.”

Or create JadeTV – a live round-the-clock broadcast of Jade’s grave, featuring celebrity guests, fashion tips and your chance to watch the boys develop as they visit every Tuesday between 8pm and 9pm.

“And sick funeral service guest puts church admission wristband up for sale on eBay”

A source said of the eBay sale: “Jade’s family are furious.”

How the **** didn’t they think of it first?!

The Guardian: “Jade Goody’s family threatens to sue People over funeral pictures”

The family of Jade Goody is threatening to sue the People for gross invasion of privacy after the red-top published pictures of the former Big Brother star’s burial.

The People, which is owned by Trinity Mirror, yesterday ran pictures of the private burial in an eight-page pullout supplement called “funeral tribute”.

Carter-Ruck, the law firm representing Goody’s family, has today sent a letter to the editor of the People, Lloyd Embley, threatening legal action and asking for, a minimum of, a front-page apology.

The Mirror: Sue Carroll is playing Tabloid Bingo – linking two big stories to produce a winning performance:

At Jade Goody’s funeral one woman was asked by a journalist if she was ever jealous of the money the reality TV star made.

“No, good luck to her,” she replied, “I’m just glad one of us made it.”

You can be certain that same person would be less generous about MPs’ expenses.

Times: “Piers Morgan: ‘My celebrity is ludicrous’”

“When I read books on holiday it’s always biographies. I don’t care if they’re about Matisse, Margaret Thatcher or Jade Goody. I’m fascinated by people’s lives.”

Now Magazine: “Antony Costa: I’m not sure I can delete Jade Goody’s number”

Antony Costa can’t bring himself to remove Jade Goody’s contact details from his mobile.

The Blue singer was among mourners at the Big Brother star’s funeral on Saturday.

‘The weird and sad thing for me is that I still have her number in my phone,’ he says. ‘I’m not sure I can delete it just yet.”

Old Mr Anorak has called the number and got through to a £1.50-a-minute chatline.

The Sun: “I want to be next to Jade … we can lie together for ever”

It’s Jade TV –

Wearing dark glasses to hide his emotions, he took a deep breath as he returned to the Big Brother favourite’s final resting place yesterday.

Jack told friends: “If I go I want to be next to Jade so we can lie together for ever. If anything happened to me I want to know I’ll be with her.” After gazing for 30 minutes at the grave and mouthing silent prayers, Jack left the churchyard.

And break for ads… Come back tomorrow and see Jack looking JUST AS UPSET. Now a word from our sponsors…

Sky News: “Jade Goody Wins Posthumous TV Award”

Jade, whose funeral was held on Saturday, was named Ultimate Reality Star at the first ever Digital Spy Reality TV Awards…

Daily Telegraph: “Jade Goody ‘represented wretched Britain’, says Sir Michael Parkinson – Jade Goody represented “all that is wretched about Britain today”, Sir Michael Parkinson has said days after the reality television star’s funeral.”

“Jade Goody has her own place in the history of television and, while it’s significant, it’s nothing to be proud of. Her death is as sad as the death of any young person, but it’s not the passing of a martyr or a saint or, God help us, Princess Di.”

Jade was not a role model, not like those role models from Parky’s younger day when role models really were role models:

Certain people gift you ambition. When I saw Tom Graveney I wanted to be a professional cricketer. When I first set eyes on Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca I wanted to marry her. And seeing Alan Whicker on television gave me the idea that a life in telly might be fun,” he said, adding: “One out of three ain’t bad.”

Graveney, Bergman and Whicker. Only one of those three every had their name adapted to rhyming slang: Alan Whickers – Knickers. And so Jade Goody – Hoody. We are inspired.

Jade Goody is resting…

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