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American Footballers On Burgling Mission

by | 7th, April 2009

BURGLARS – ho-ho – where would the media be without them? Crimewatch wold ahve to extend it rape segments and the BBC news would be on an ever-more desperate search for lost dogs.

What follows is surveillance video os a would-be burglar “rushing” at a door like he was a football player. The only difference between our man the game he loves is that he’s not wearing a helmet and its quite interesting to watch:

St. Petersburg police spokeswoman Jennifer Dawkins explains:

The two suspects were wearing gloves and head coverings at the time. The video captures the thieves trying to pry open a side door for 15 minutes. Then, one burglar backed up to a fence in the yard, took a “football stance,” and ran toward the door, Dawkins said.

He then bounced off the door, landed on the ground and began rolling around, in what appeared to be in pain, Dawkins said.

After these attempts failed, the suspects threw a brick through a window and entered the home. Once inside, the suspects set off the alarm and then fled. Nothing was taken from the residence.

The get-away vehicle was described as a small, red, two-door car.

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