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Fat, Unemployed X Factor Loser Bullied

by | 8th, April 2009

MEET X Factor wannabe Emma Chawner, the X Factor singer who “claimed that her obesity discouraged employers from hiring her”.

Emma is on a live phone-in on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC Radio Five Live show. A Daniel O’Donnell rings in and offers Chawner a job as a security guard. But no thanks – she “didn’t want to stand on a door watching people go in”.

Nor, very possibly, come out.

The Mail is amazed that 19-year-old girl has not accepted a job from a male stranger who has seen her on the telly. But there is worse:

After being rejected from the show, on which she was mocked by Simon Cowell, who accused her of singing ‘like a baby’, Emma became the victim of cyber-bullies.

Mr O’Donnell is surely a gracious and genuine sort, but who can blame Chawner’s wariness? She accepts the job and then the cruel voices tell her that she can have it just as soon as she can fit into the small uniform. The Mail has more:

This victimisation included the setting up of a now-defunct Facebook group, which attracted more than 3,500 members, devoted to insulting her and her family.

Poor Chawner. Those cyber-bullies saying cruel things about a stranger on the internet. Scum! That’s the language they understand. Scum! Right, “Daily Mail Reporter”, who we thank for bringing this story of bigotry to our attention?

The girl’s four-strong family, none of whom work, are said to receive a total of £22,000 per year in benefits, although they dispute the figure, claiming that they only receive a maximum of £12,000.

The sponging bast…

The Chawners, who have claimed that their collective weight of 83 stone is the result of ‘medical problems’ rather than the more common causes: gluttony and lack of exercise. Her mother claimed in an interview that their family’s obesity was ‘in our genes’.

The fa…

The family – sometimes cruelly dubbed the Tellytubbies – were evicted last year from a house in Ramsbottom, Lancs, having been described as ‘neighbours from hell’.

Fat, not-working, bad neighbour, can’t sing losers.

How’s that for sticking it to the bullies?

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