Anorak News | Vanity Fair Declares Climate Change War Over

Vanity Fair Declares Climate Change War Over

by | 9th, April 2009

HURRAH! Vanity Fair declares that Global Warming – “a threat graver than terrorism” – over! We win!

As the Indy reports Vanity Fair (Weather) has scrapped its annual green issue:

For the past three years, the monthly glossy has made much of dedicating its May issue to the environment: from Leonardo DiCaprio [her hi-flyin’ lover] posing on an iceberg to last year’s open letter from Robert Kennedy Jnr to the next president calling for action on global warming. This year, the incipient tradition has been quietly dropped.


Vanity Fair admits that the recession has had a bearing: “With so much else going on relating to the global financial crisis, we have been focusing on that of late”

The war on money – it’s bigger than global warming and terrorism, people!” How many glossy magazines will be lost in the fight?

Turn the lights back on, Leo!

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