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Coronation Street Star In Shoplifting Horror

by | 10th, April 2009

“CORRIE BET IN SHOPLIFT SHOCKER” screams the Star’s front page, trailing a story that “CORRIE legend Julie Goodyear was at the centre of a shoplifting riddle last night over a pack of Nicorette gum worth £13.”

A riddle? More of tongue-twister – “Corrie Bet In Shoplift Shocker, Corrie Bettin Shoplift Shaker… Corrie Betting Shagging Slacker…

Nothing proven. Far from it. No crime committed. And while tempting to add Corrie Bet to Anorak’s celebrity shoplifting special, we consider the facts…

Firstly, who is “Corrie Bet”. Why, she is Julie Goodyear, who played Coronation Street barmaid Bet Lynch some years ago.

Julie, 67, was challenged by a security guard for apparently leaving a store without paying for the item. Then police were called to the Morrisons supermarket yesterday afternoon, but were later called back and told not to attend.

Shocked Julie was heard saying: “I feel like I could smoke an entire packet of ciggies right now.”

Or chew and swallow that gum. Not that you’re guilty of anything.

Clutching her chest while gasping for breath she had been invited to return to the store with her husband Scott Brand, 41.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

The pair had been strolling through the shop aisles together. They are regular shoppers at the store, which is close to her home in Heywood, near Manchester.

Says she:

“I am now a non-smoker and I’m saving myself a fortune.”

But she is chewer, evidently. But at what cost, or saving?

Yesterday a security guard spotted Julie apparently popping the Nicorette into her handbag. But the star, who played Rovers landlady Bet Lynch, allegedly walked out without handing over the £13 cash. The security guard confronted Julie and Scott in the car park and he asked them to join him in the security office. Scott, who married Julie in 2007, said he was reponsible for what he said was a “big misunderstanding”.

Or as the Mail puts it:

“… her husband was accused of shoplifting”. and he has been “banned” from all branches of Morrisons.

Back to the Star,. and Mr Bet Lynch says:

“Absolutely nothing happened, I have no comment to make.”

Says a Greater Manchester Police spokesman:

“The matter is now closed.”

And you can read all about it in the Star…

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