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Pictures Of Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady’s Wedding

by | 10th, April 2009

GISELE Bundchen (pronounced Jizz-Sell) has as Derek Hail puts it has some “some parts that you, surpisingly, can’t see”.

What you can’t see is her wedding to Tom Brady in Costa Rica. But you can hear it:

“Take a picture of me now, you f—er! F–k you!” a camera-shy friend of Brady’s supposedly shouted at the photogs after inviting them into the house for a chat.

Nothing like shouting at a paparazzo to stymie that unwelcome exposure. Rumours are that at the time of his alleged outburst Brady was wearing a hula skirt, a pet gibbon on his head and carrying a huge neon sign advertising the legend, “I AM THE NEWS”.

The shutterbugs said that they had been hired by INF photo agency and had Gisele’s neighbor’s permission to snap the affair from a spot about 300 feet away from the wedding site.

When Cortes and Aviles were driving off, a .38-caliber bullet shattered their back window.

“The bullet went between us, missing our heads,” Aviles told the Post. “… I said, ‘They’re going to kill us,’ and that’s when I hunched down to cover myself.

Meanwhile, at New York’s La Guardia airport Woody Harrelson is showing his best side:

As the photog asked Woody questions, the actor shoved the camera into our photog’s eye, causing it to temporarily stop recording. A few seconds later the video returns but then the screen goes black again — you can still hear Woody attack full bore, ripping the camera out of the photog’s hands.

Says a voice:

“Woody.. That’s assault dude…”

He says “Woody” enough times for it to be formerly established that someone in the area is called “Woody”. He then, having wound Woody up, tells Woody to “chill out”. Woody, chill out. Woody. Woody. Woody. Woody. Chill out. Woody. Woody. Woody…

(Anorak recalls sitting on the Mound Stand at Lord’s cricket ground and serenading Shane Warne with soft cries of “Shaaaaaane”. A few hundred others joined in. For many minutes all we could hear was “Shaaaaaaneeee”, hymned in a lilting come hither tone. Shane laughed. We cheered. We did not carry on. Joke over.)

And thus the man gets not only a picture of a man wearing a hat walking in a car park but a story, too.

Our photog says Woody smashed the camera to the ground, breaking it. Harrelson then picked the camera up and began walking away with it. The photog followed Woody, claiming he was assaulted and demanded that Woody return the camera. That’s when Harrelson attacked again, striking the photog repeatedly and grabbing his neck. Our cameraman shot the action with his flip cam.

And Woody has form:

The short-fused hippie actor [tabloid shorthand for smokes weed; which makes Snoop Dogg and Jacqui Smith also hippies] attacked a paparazzo from gossip website TMZ outside a Hollywood nightclub in June 2006, going as far as to strangle the snapper and destroy his camera.

Cameraman Josh Levine reported Harrelson to the police, but his lawyer argued that “the force used (was) not to the level that would cause great bodily harm.” The actor got off without facing any felony charges.

So here’s another TMZ drone getting in the way to get what passes for a story.

The fun in spotting a celebrity cannot be down-played. But are celebrities so thin on the ground in LA that seeing one sets off a flurry of excitment? Has the celebrity cull brought us to this?

Rather than a cameras, all celeb spotters should be equipped with large “nudge-nudgers” to prod everyone else in the area and alert them that “it’s him” or “it’s “her”.

Anorak is selling such sticks for £45 in Bournemouth Square this afternoon. If you spot Anita Harris or a member of Showaddywaddy, let eveyone know…

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