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Susan Boyle Is Britain’s Got Talent

by | 20th, April 2009

SUSAN Boyle appears on Britain’s Got Talent. Is she any good? Not bad. Let’s consider the facts as reported by an eager media, which might not be as talented:

Daily Mail: “Middle-aged ‘hairy angel’ wipes the smile off Britain’s Got Talent judges’ faces”

Unemployed and single, the 48-year-old has thick unkempt hair, bushy eyebrows and downy fuzz is noticeable across parts of her face…

Miss Holden appeared close to tears as she sang…

Music mogul Cowell, however,struggled to admit he had been wrong, insisting that he knew she would give an ‘extraordinary performance’.

See Susan Boyle sing here

Daily Mirror: “Voice of an angel”

(..sadly coupled with hair of a shaggy dog )

She has a soaring, beautiful voice that could grace a heavenly choir – but self-taught singer Susan Boyle has the hair-do from hell.

And the scruffy 47-year-old stunned judges on Britain’s Got Talent when she opened her mouth and produced “the biggest surprise ever” on the show.

She’s “Jobless Susan, from West Lothian”.

Grinning Simon Cowell, 49, then claimed: “I knew when you came out it was going to be something extraordinary. You are a little tiger.”

Grinning with the smile wiped from his face. Speechless and talking.

The Times: “Singing talent of Susan Boyle stuns Simon Cowell into silence

Two years ago it was Paul Potts, the snaggle-toothed Welsh mobile phone salesman, who was propelled to international stardom by Britain’s Got Talent, the ITV entertainment show…

That’s the insults done. Now the facts:

Viewers of the first episode of the show’s new series, tomorrow at 7.45pm, will see Susan Boyle impress the usually caustic Simon Cowell, one of the programme’s three judges, into silence.

Daily Telegraph

Simon Cowell pronounced her voice “extraordinary” and Amanda Holden was reduced to tears by hearing her sing

That’s silent Simon and almost crying Holden, right?

And the unemployed Susan Boyle?

Miss Boyle, who does charity work for her local church in Bathgate, West Lothian,

The Sun: Paula Potts

More from speechless Simon Cowell:

He jokes:“I knew the moment that you stepped in front of us that we were going to hear something remarkable, and I was right.”

Jokes? But his smile has been wiped from his face?

Remarkable. Extraordinary…

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