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Jade Goody Christmas Club Party

by | 12th, April 2009


It’s Jade’s last Christmas. But before that, a few words from Gabby Hinsliff in the Guardian’s, er, business pages:

The recession may not have killed the cult of celebrity, as the media circus around Jade Goody recently proved, but there are glimmers of a new mood of intellectual seriousness.

Readers are invited to print that out and stick it into a cracker for Jade’s Christmas Party at the Christmas Club shindig.

FAMILY and friends of tragic Jade Goody are to get a second chance to say goodbye at a special Christmas memorial service.

After Goody Friday..

It’s “another chance to salute the much-loved star… It’s believed that Jade’s two sons Bobby and Freddy, who missed the funeral to keep them out of the media glare, will be able to attend the Christmas memorial.

On the twelth day of Christmas my true loves gave to me 12 drummers drumming (up publicity), 11 celebs praying, ten lords a bleating, nine lap dancers dancing, eight Cliffords milking, seven geese swanning, five golden ringtones, four kiss ‘n’ tell birds, three French letters, two love doves and an OK! photoshoot special “Jade at Christmas”.

Funeral director Barry Albin-Dyer, has revealed Jade is set to have her own granite headstone at the memorial garden at F A Albin’s and Sons in Bermondsey and fans of the star will be able to say another final goodbye at a Christmas memorial service on December 2nd.

Christmas is now on December 2nd. It’s what Jesus would have wanted. Had Jesus only called Max Clifford, he’d have mad something of his life.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday with the permission of Jade’s family Mr Albin-Dyer said: “I know Jackie (Jade’s mum) is looking forward to coming to the Christmas service we will be having for Jade and all the other people remembered in the memorial garden.”

Book early, for Christmas…

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