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Susan Boyle Sings In Her Garage

by | 14th, April 2009

SUSAN Boyle might be a product of nominative determinism, but she becoming all things to all pundits.

Hereunder is a collection of thoughts on Boyle, and what a plain woman singing a song on a TV talent show can mean to those with space to fill:

A words first from Miss Boyle:

Susan, 48, told the Daily Mirror: “They say that television makes you look fat and it certainly did. “I looked like a garage. It was mortifying to see and a bit of a shock. I didn’t realise I could reduce people to tears and I hope it wasn’t because of that” – What’s On TV

What does Susan Boyle mean to you?:

Susan Boyle’s story and performance embodies the entire concept around marketing and advertising’s transformation to become entirely transparent and authentic – Star Tribune

The Good Boyle:

Susan Boyle’s story is a parable of our age – Colette Douglas Home, The Herald

Britain’s got sob stories:

She is a veteran of abuse. She was starved of oxygen at birth and has learning difficulties as a result. At school she was slow and had frizzy hair. She was bullied, mostly verbally – Colette Douglas Home, The Herald

We’re all Susan Boyle now:

But it doesn’t matter. In the chocolate box of life there’s a flavour to suit everyone on BGT . It’s an annual event in patriotism without ever being embarrassing or jingoistic – Sue Carroll, Daily Mirror

Boyle on the bum:

Susan Boyle Inspires on Britains Got Talent 2009 – An unassuming 47 year old Susan Boyle wowed the judges with her performance in the auditions for the latest season of Britains Got Talent, singing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables… More than 130 years later, “huge sores” still litter the world, and Hugo’s words still describe the undying message of his novel – Broadway World

Noughty Susan:

If Susan Boyle had not existed, the Noughties would have had to invent her to prevent the decade from crashing into its own looking glass – Andrew Billen, The Times

What does Susan Boyle mean to you?

Anorak – for all your Susan Boyle news – see her sing here.

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