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Michelle Heaton’s Recipe For Happiness

by | 14th, April 2009

ORANGEY-Brown Big Brother star emeritus Michelle Heaton (positively Bovey coloured – Ed) wants to tell Closer readers how happy she is with her body. Michelle is happy, happy, happy!

How happy is Michelle Heaton with her body. Very! Says Michelle ‘Happy Meal’ Heaton:

“I was so unhappy. I’d go home every night and stuff my face with pizza.”

Pizza is synonymous with misery. Anorak recalls a trip to the Kilburn outlet of Pizza Hut many years years ago and oveheard the exhange:

Waiter: What did you have, sir?

Customer: Pizza.

Waiter: What kind of pizza – thin and crispy… thick and chewy…?

Customer: Who the **** you callin’ thick and chewy, you ****!”

Fight! Police. As we say, pizza equates to unhappiness.

This is the recipe for happiness, as prepared by Michelle Heaton:

“In a typical day I’ll have All Bran with rice milk for breakfast, then two and a half hours later I’ll have two Ryvita with maple syrup…

“For lunch I’ll make a massive five egg white omelette with spinach, mushrooms and ham.

‘”Mid-afternoon I’ll have a protein shake or fruit, and dinner will be meat or fish with loads of vegetables.’

She concludes:

“I had a new man and a new life, and I wanted to start it in the best way.”

Yeah, that was just for starters…

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