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Pictures: Susan Boyle Naked

by | 15th, April 2009

WE’RE all going crazy for Susan Boyle, the woman who showed Saturday night telly watchers that you don’t need to show your false chest, wood-stained skin and G-string to get on telly, but can keep it all under wraps, like Susan Boyle did.

Susan is in interview, and has this to say:

“Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances. There is not much you can do about it; it is the way they think; it is the way they are. But maybe this could teach them a lesson, or set an example.”

See her performance here.

That Susan Boyle can sing is self-evident. That’s she is not judged on her appearance seems odd when nearly all reports call her a frump, awkward or make reference to her appearance.

Susan Boyle’s Got Talent

The Times goes on:

At the pre-recorded audition, broadcast four days ago, audience members laughed at the frizzy-haired, church-going Catholic who lives alone with her cat in a rundown council estate…

Susan removes her fright wig and tosses back her naturally golden curls to tell us:

“What you do is ignore that and get on with your act. You have to… I’ve had people recognising me but I have gone on as normal – I am very down to earth…”

Adding to the narrative that Susan Boyle (36-24-29 out of her padded suit) is not to be judged on her looks, is the Sun’s news:

The Sun: “HOLLYWOOD star Demi Moore has told how she was moved to TEARS by Susan Boyle’s sensational Britain’s Got Talent performance.

That would be bionic Demi Moore, the woman rebuilt by Doctors Nip ‘n’ Tuck?

A show source said: “Thanks to Demi’s Twitter posting, Susan is now a genuine global megastar. This is the stuff dreams are made of.”

Who does not dream of being spotted on the telly by Demi Moore – without our without her bifocals on?

America Reacts:

We bow before her – get that arse up higher, Demi!

I’m still stuck on Susan Boyle, and still weeping. I suppose that’s so 24 hours ago, and I should be thinking instead about how Mel Gibson’s divorce might affect his box-office cred with conservative Catholics. Instead, I play the YouTube clip over and over of Boyle, the frumpy, middle-aged British lady who marched out on the stage of the national TV show Britain’s Got Talent this past weekend. She bided her time through the judgmental hoots and snickers of the studio audience and judges (headed by international snickerer-in-chief Simon Cowell). She sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. And she brought a worldwide audience to their feet — to her feet — with the grandeur of her voice – Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

Pass the adolescent tissues:

Maybe the humble and talented Ms. Boyle is a reminder for our pop-obsessed culture that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. To see Susan Boyle’s performance. Click Here . Warning: stock up on some tissues! – Hollyscoop


“Can’t stop crying…..Human spirit….. in the flesh……… Susan Boyle,” one person posted on YouTube.

“I truly, truly am inspired by her courage and talent. What an incredible, incredible moment! This teaches so much about human natures and how shallow we all are,” wrote another.

Another said: “The human face of this little lady from nowhere. Singing her heart out – its should touch us all” – Illawarra Mercury (Aus)


Grace: “I am a woman, 56, Black and I have been called a failure. I really cried when I saw Susan Boyle sing and read her story. It gives me much hope. Her day came and I too dream and believe that my day to shine will come.” Carol: “I didn’t want to cry but I did. I’m 59 and have a life-threatening and debilitating disease. Because of it, I’ll most likely be unemployed soon. I watch as the world, including the church, seems to increasingly belong to the young and healthy. I have no singing talent like Susan’s but listening to her gave me the tiniest grain of hope that perhaps I am not yet a totally useless person.”Belief Net


What we are witnessing, with Susan Boyle, is the birth of one of the greatest singing talents in all of human history…and we who are alive today get to witness it! – LA Times

Susan Boyle pets her Siberian white Tiger, Pebbles, pushes some new potatoes down her silk stockings and pulls on her fifth jumper. She is ready for her close up now, Mr Cowell…

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