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Video: Barack Obama On Susan Boyle

by | 16th, April 2009

SUSAN Boyle is becoming all things to all journalists.

Early days in the Britain’s Got Talent TV show, and the temptation must be for Boyle to retire in the knowledge that the show needs her more than she needs the show. A stint on Love Island awaits.

Hereunder is a round-up of Boyle news:

Demi Who?

But a spokesman for the ITV talent show said: “I called Susan to tell her when I read about her famous fans in The Sun but she seemed a bit bemused. “She had no idea who Ashton was and although she’d heard of Demi, she didn’t really know who she was. But now she is very grateful for their support” – The Sun

Read Susan & Me, by Demi Moore here.

Tears across the pond:

Unemployed Susan, from West Lothian in Scotland, has now received interview requests from as far away as Australia and the U.S. She even featured on America’s prestigious NBC Today Show – where a presenter cried as she watched the clip – Daily Mail

Bigger than BO:

Thursday (prediction): Susan Boyle surpasses Barack Obama as the most popular human being on the planet – Mother Jones

Message in a Boyle:

Watching the first part of Boyle’s performance video is cringe-worthy enough, because you realize how rude and cynical our culture has become – Suffolk News Herald

Live from Scottishland:

The 47-year-old singer with the heavenly voice will perform on Thursday’s “Early Show” — from her kitchen in Scotland – Orlando Sentinel

No kissing:

Unless you live under a rock, you know about the Scottish woman who has taken the industrialized World by storm: Susan Boyle.

What I identify with about Ms. Boyle is, I myself…my Mom called and said Boyle was the next Julie Andrews.

SF Gate

She’s got big balls:

Big Jack Baloney from Canada writes: As a huge AC/DC fan for years now, I have to admit Susan Boyle brought me to tears…I cried tears I didn’t even know existed, wow, every time I watch her it moves me so much, my whole family is impressed by the unbelievable talent and soul that is…SUSAN BOYLE! – The Globe & Mail Letters


Susan Boyle is an angel – The Globe & Mail Letters

Susan Boyle & Me:

Susan Boyle and me – The Times, SA

Doe, Ray, Me-Me-Me:

But I betcha you have a dream that’s been shoved deep into the Odd Sock Drawer of your subconscious, buried under the immediacy and minutiae of life, or beaten senseless by the weight of More Pressing Things. Do you even remember what it was? Was it driving 140 across the New Mexico desert? Hang-Gliding? Opening your own cafe? Finishing college? Do you even remember that moment when you tucked it away, filed it under “Later”? Susan Boyle never forgot hers. Oh, she popped it into the Sock Drawer, too. But she evidently goes to her Sock Drawer more often than we do – Seattle pi .com

Susan Boyle is all things to all people…

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