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BBC Admits Bias Against Israel

by | 16th, April 2009

THE BBC has upheld some complaints made against its Middle East reporter Jeremy Bowen for his reports on Israel. (Perhaps the BBC can investigate who made Israel the top news story?)

The BBC that gave us:

Rwanda has been described by some as the Israel of Africa.

The BBC Trust says it received two complaints claiming Bowen’s June 2007 website report, headlined “How 1967 defined the Middle East” was inaccurate and biased against Israel.

An inquiry found that a reference to ‘Zionism’s innate instinct to push out the frontier’ in an article for the BBC’s website breached guidelines.

In addition, a suggestion that Israel was ‘in defiance of everyone’s interpretation of international law except its own’ was said to have been ‘imprecise’.

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The BBC was less than swift to act:

Mr Jonathan Turner… made his original complaint about both the Six Day War article – published in July 2007 – and the From Our Own Correspondent broadcast in January 2008.

Mr Turner called the process an “enormous burden”. But:

Speaking to The Independent last night, the BBC’s former director general Greg Dyke said it was wrong for the trust to spend months investigating individual reports by journalists which had been compiled under pressure and tight deadlines.

“The problem is that journalism is not an exact science. I remember Jon Snow saying to me that if most of his journalism was put under that degree of scrutiny, then it wouldn’t stand up. I think we all know that to be true.”

This is a BBC man talking of another BBC man about a BBC process, an organisation that leads with Israel. It’s the company line. Would Bowen last long at the BBC if he were pro Israel? The editorial line is adhered to. Bowen has a job to do. hsi job is at the BBC…

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Note: Don’t get your news from just the BBC, but watch Sky, Al Jazeera and ITN. Form your own opinion…

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