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Zac Efron Offers Fans Million Dollar Prize

by | 17th, April 2009

ZAC Efron, teen star of teen movies, teen Vogue cover girl and the kind of boy men in double-breasted suits buy skinny jeans for  – think a startled David Cassidy dipped in bronzer – counters rumours that he wears fake eyelashes by telling GQ Magazine:

“If somebody can find my photo that shows me wearing false eyelashes. I will give them a fucking million dollars.That’s bullshit.”

While Zac’s publicist applauds the use of words that should make the star appeal to the next pre-teen market, Mark Pasetcky responds:

Let the photoshopping begin!

Of course, Zac is not wearing falsies, as our picture shows Efron is as real as just about anyone else who meet high in the Hollywood Hills…

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