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Oprah Winfrey Twitters Keith Chegwin

by | 17th, April 2009

TWITTER is the future of newspaper industry. Before we get to Oprah Winfrey failing to Twitter Keith Chegwin, here’s the plan:

What happens is that one pundit says or writes something about a person using Twitter. Other pundits agree. Some pundits disagree and say something else. Then all the pundits agree that there are two sides to the argument and balance is all. A few pundita go head-to-head on the telly or a webcam. The story continues until a pundit spots another person using Twitter…

Gawker spots Oprah Winfrey spotting Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter page. She dedicates her show to joining Twitter and making a Tweet.

But she fails to Twitter. And somewhere in a disused tin mine beneath a lake in Cornwall, Keith Chegwin checks his PC…

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