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Susan Boyle Watch: Susie Simple Stalked By Demi Moore And Meets Oprah Winfrey

by | 18th, April 2009

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s looks at Britain’s Got Talent agonist Susan Boyle in the news…

Never been kissed?

Says Neighbour Brian Smith, 51:

“It’s not true Susan’s never been kissed. I’ve given her many a peck on the cheek to say ‘Don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right’. She comes to me when she needs help or a shoulder to cry on…I never knew her to have a birthday party because she was busy caring for her mother” –

Daily Mirror

Assuming she is a Protestant, and I may be wrong, but let’s assume it anyway, Scottish Protestant church going is about one thing – avoiding physical and emotional contact with another human being… Susan Boyle comes from a place where confidence can be in short measures, like the whiskey. But not her. She pulled out her talent to show them, almost to spite them. Look at me. I’ve never been kissed. Never touched. Don’t need it. –
Alan Black, SF Gate


Susan, born with learning difficulties, was targeted by louts. He said: “They would call her names, throw snowballs at her door and dare each other to knock and run. She would confront them and get really angry, which made them ridicule her more. We’d often chase them away.

“Now the youngsters are crowding outside her house chanting her name. After the show on Saturday night she was standing at her door giving them all the Queen’s wave, it was fantastic.Daily Mirror

She adopted eccentric habits such as keeping money in an empty whisky bottle and cheerfully allowed herself to be teased by the local children on the rare occasions she ventured out of her pebbledash-fronted terrace house – Daily Mail

Simple Susie

They called her Susie Bong, or Susie Simple. This week Susie Simple went globalDaily Mail

Can’t Sing

It’s ironic that a lady who made a wonderfully self-deprecating joke about her size (“I’m 48 … and that’s just one side of me”) should turn out to have a weak chest voice – Richard Morrison, Times

The Blonde: Beware!

Miss Boyle has already been befriended by Amanda Holden, a development that could have sprung from the imagination of Stephen King. Oprah is said to be super-keen to have the chanteuse on her show. Now she has acquired her very own celebrity stalker. Susan, meet Demi Moore: she’s your number one fan – Alison Rowatt, The Herald

Susan And Me

Russell Brand is dreaming a cheeky dream of his own about Susan.

Ahead of his gigs at London’s O2 this weekend, the Libido On Legs jokes on his Twitter page: “She has pledged to lose her virginity to the winner of a breakdancing showdown between me and her eyebrow. Live at the O2 … I must win that showdown.” He writes: “I just watched Susan Boyle for the first time and it’s very moving to see latent talent realised.” – Daily Mirror


War is Over!

It’s undoubtedly the happiest story of the year and helped divert people’s thoughts from the doom and gloom of the recession – Daily Record

Local Hero

Who is Susan Boyle, you say, and what does she have to do with North Escambia? A few days ago she was an unknown, simple looking woman from a village in England that’s about the size of North Escambia – North, Florida – North

An Apology

Piers Morgan:

“I sort of feel like apologizing to Susan. I’m sorry, because we did not give you anything like the respect we should have done when you first came out.”

He said the judges had been through a long day with “lots of terrible auditions.”

“And then you came out and we thought you were going to be a bit of a joke act, to be honest with you,” he said. “And then I can remember … that second when you had begun to sing, and I had never heard a more surprising, extraordinary voice coming out of somebody so unexpected.” – CNN

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