Anorak News | Susan Boyle’s Puppy Love For Donny Osmond And Auditions For Emmerdale

Susan Boyle’s Puppy Love For Donny Osmond And Auditions For Emmerdale

by | 19th, April 2009

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s looks at Britain’s Got Talent agonist Susan Boyle in the news – with Donny Osmond, Emmerdale and Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger…

Hacks across the world are pressing F9 on their keyboards and telling their readers of Susan Boyle – bad hair; frumpy; never judge book by cover; sings; Scots; smug Cowell; cat; dead mum; virgin. Facts.

The media facts on a woman aged 48 are stock. And she is 48. Or 47? Such is the standard of reporting on Susan Boyle that the hacks cannot agree on her age. (It’s 47.) But all the other titbits on Boyle appear in every article on Susie Simple, of which there are thousands.

New Fact Alert

Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle owes her dazzling voice to a teenage obsession with Donny Osmond, her brother reveals today…

And when it wasn’t Donny – whose 1972 hit Puppy Love she knew off by heart – she was driving her family berserk by repeatedly blasting out the soundtrack to Grease – especially You’re The One That I Want…

“Susan was what you would call a loner,” says Gerard, who at 53 is the closest in age to 47-year-old Susan, the youngest member of the family. She was happiest on her own, playing her records and losing herself in music. She didn’t really interact with other children”…

“Eventually she retreated into her own world. Music became her thing.”

Susie, baby, you’re a special lady…

“His posters were all over her walls. She would lock herself in her room and play the records over and over again singing along as loud as possible. It used to drive me mad when I would hear it start up the hundredth time. But our mum would say ‘Leave her alone, it’s all she’s got’.”

Good old, Susie Red Dress… (Helen Reddy still recording? Call me.)

Says Susan:

“Most of my collection are LPs. I do have a CD player but I prefer to put the records on. I don’t really like modern gadgets, they’re not my thing…”

Susan Boyle has the looks of the 1950s housewife, and the technology.

“I love to belt out tunes in the shower because the sound is so good in the bathroom. Music is like therapy to me. People accept me when I sing” – Daily Mirror

Shy Susan

Susan Boyle’s brother Gerard tells the Mirror:

“My father sang in working men’s clubs and so did I. We’re a very musical family and would all have a sing-song at weddings and family occasions. But Susan was so shy she’d take a back seat. It was only when she was about 10 she sang at a family wedding and we realised she had a real talent. After that we couldn’t stop her” – Lara Gould Daily Mirror

Robert Norris, who organised the Fauldhouse Miners Welfare Club competition, said: “Susan entered from about 1995 through to about 2001 but because she’s very shy she had to be coaxed into it. She was amazing and always got through to the finals but the standard of entry was incredibly high” – Daily Mail

She told us: “I do sing at church – and I also do a bit of amateur dramatics. I sing everywhere I can, to anybody who will really listen. They would be better off with a budgie though, do you not think? I even performed at the Edinburgh Festival once, on the fringe. I was in a production of Romeo and Juliet. Was I Juliet? I don’t know what I was supposed to be. The tights were an embarrassment. But it was a laugh-a-minute magical for kids” – Shy Susan Boyle

We All Know A Susan Boyle

This woman is my sister.

Another family member speaks.

And unlike Boyle, my sister has no dazzling talent.

Slow down. Anyone else confused?

She can’t sing or dance. She paints and draws in ways that move me but elude the multitudes. She talks sometimes about how people treat her.

“It’s nightmarish,” she’ll say, “the way people look at me, as if I’m not like them.”

She’s not like a lot of them. But there are legions of people like her, people who, like Susan Boyle, live and look different from what we call the norm. My sister confesses that sometimes those people make her uncomfortable too – Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune

A Heated Debate

I’ve had some very disturbing conversations in the last week about why we should care about BoyleJamie Freedman, Examiner

Susan Boyle Is Black

I made a mistake recently.

Stay with it…

Perhaps it was two mistakes or I may have made the same mistake twice. I’ll let you judge how I let my eyes rush my brain to pre-programmed conclusions.

Driving toward Shreveport on a recent morning, I hit the loop at Marshall and accelerated up the hill. I had just about reached the top of the hill when the Texas Highway Patrol unit crested the high ground coming from the other direction.

Although I did not know my exact speed, I was pretty sure that I was toast.

The trooper did a U-turn and I pulled to the side of the highway, dreading the lecture at home as much as the impending fine. In my rear-view mirror I saw that the officer as he emerged from his patrol car was African American. My heart sank lower.

“No way you will get out of this one,” I told myself, fully expecting a ticket even if my speed had not been more than 10 miles per hour over the posted limit.

The trooper asked the usual questions and I confessed that there was no medical emergency and no valid excuse for my speeding. He took my driver’s license and insurance papers and went back to his unit.

When he returned, he said, “I am giving you a warning ticket.” He actually said some other things, but my mind recorded only the magic words.

The second error occurred Thursday when I became one of the 13 million plus people who have watched the Susan Boyle video on the internet – Bob Palmer, Daily Tribune, Texas

Who Ate All The Pies?

Then, in a moment just as shocking as Susan Boyle’s first few seconds of singing I Dreamed A Dream on Britain’s Got Talent, Wenger suddenly erupted into a mad, leg-pumping, arm-flailing, pirouette of ecstasyPiers Morgan, Daily Mail

Princess Susan, of the House of Boyle

She, in fairy-story terms, is the ugly old lady, despised by all, who turns out to be a beloved and powerful princess; the spell that sets her free and makes her great is her magic talentMinette Marrin, Times

Doyle. Boyle. Boyle. Doyle. Let’s call the whole thing off…

Les Misérables ticket sales spike after Doyle sensation – CTVBC

There once was a Susan Boyle

It’s all about recognising the swan in ourselvesJoan Lau, New Strait Times

You fat bastard…

Take a good look at Pavarotti. Even before he was sweating under the television lights, swearing at his crew, and lip syncing to a recording of him actually hitting his notes he wasn’t exactly Tommy Lee – Mike Gorski, Seattle pi

The iconic Boyle

The world’s discovery this week of Susan Boyle offers humanity another opportunity to look at itself – Travis Whitehead, The Brownsville Herald

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Snowing again

Until last week, the 47-year-old Scottish church volunteer from Blackburn (Scotland) was still bullied by yobs in her community, calling her names, throwing snowballs at her door and daring each other to knock and run away. They were endlessly mocking her – OhMyNews


She adopted eccentric habits such as keeping money in an empty whisky bottle and cheerfully allowed herself to be teased by the local children on the rare occasions she ventured out of her pebbledash-fronted terrace house – Daily Mail

Susan Boyle Watch – send in your Susan Boyle news…

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