Anorak News | BNP Bans Baldness And Takes On The Great British National Party

BNP Bans Baldness And Takes On The Great British National Party

by | 19th, April 2009

THE News of the World reports on the BNP and a “Sneaky handbook tells members to wear hats to hide skinheads”.

To strike a chord with the electorate, BNP skinheads will wear baseball caps, truth fand honest Tam o’ Shanters, plastic bowler hats with England flags on, uber-alles hair split with a neat side-parting (drawn on with felt tip) or a mullet.

AN OFFICIAL handbook for BNP activists reveals how they plan to cover up the LIES and DECEIT behind their election campaigns…

And it has advised members how to make sure plots to stir up violence stay secret in an attempt to con voters into thinking they are respectable.

The BNP… respectable? Is this a handbook or book of spells?

The Activists’ & Organisers’ Handbook tells them to:

* USE internet blogs to put out damaging stories about rivals.
* NEVER advocate violence in emails-in case they are leaked.
* ENSURE supporters wear hats over their skinhead haircuts when out campaigning.

Top tip:

“Don’t use it to express extreme views or advocate violence. Your emails are probably less secure than you think.”

Best write them in Japanese or Medieval German and so better fox the enemy within.

Activists are also told to refer to the party as the British National Party not the BNP because it sounds “much more reasonable and comfortable”.

Or why not the Black Niggers Pakis/Poles Party and trick the enemy into voting for you? Or the Big Nose Party for Jews, Wops and Arabs? Or keep it regional and champion the Basildon Newt Party – Freedom For Basildon’s newts!

Of course, the British National Party, or National Party of Britain, is an affront to true patriots who support the Great British National Party.

Tip tip:

A spokesman for anti-racist group Searchlight, which uncovered the book, said: “This booklet exposes the reality behind the BNP mask of respectability. What other political party feels the need to ask its senior organisers to be careful not to get caught discussing their plans for violent behaviour on the internet?”

Well, since the dodgy dossier took the Labour Party and us with it to war in Iraq, not many.

But it is point made. And something the GBNP will consider when it meets this Sunday night at the The Cosy Curry for a traditional meal of tandoori scones, quiche and lashings of good old British spite…

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