Anorak News | Demi Moore Drops Susan Boyle To Twitter Shaheen Jafargholi

Demi Moore Drops Susan Boyle To Twitter Shaheen Jafargholi

by | 19th, April 2009

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s looks at Britain’s Got Talent agonist Susan Boyle in the news, with Demi Moore and the City of Detroit…

Demi Moore dazzled by Britain’s Got Talent’s Shaheen

Having gone bonkers for the Boyle, Demi Moore has a new idol to stalk:

Young Britain’s Got Talent star Shaheen Jafargholi has wowed Hollywood star Demi Moore. Moore, who is married to Ashton Kutcher, revealed on her Twitter site that she thought the 12-year-old from Swansea was “awesome”.

Twitter is dead. What about Susan? Oh, my love, my darling…

Anorak Fact: DEMI Moore has been watching Susan Boyle – a woman who is exactly what Moore would look like without surgery!

The actress became a fan of Susan Boyle after watching her surprise performance last week, but this week she was just as blown away by the young Swansea star.

Not long after the show, Demi posted a Youtube clip to the performance on her site and said: “Wow, this kid is something else.”

Something not Susan Boyle.

An hour later one of Demi’s followers sent her the same link to Shaheen’s performance but Demi replied: “Thank you I already posted it, he is awesome.”

After Shaheen’s stunning performance last night, he is being tipped as the only contestant to give Scottish spinster Susan Boyle a run for her money – Wales Online

Hats off to Demi Moore, and lots more off besides. Not for her a big red button to accept and reject the acts, a drafty studio in the British provices and a seat next to Simon Cowell’s teeth. She must needs 140 characters or less to make or break a wannabe…

Boyle Sings Motown

The crowd was shifting restlessly under the amphitheatre’s hot TV lights when the frumpy old woman walked from behind the curtain. She wore a dress she’d bought at Crowley’s the year President Kennedy was shot…

Shh! Don’t tell Susan he’s dead.

“Welcome to ‘So You Think You Deserve to Live?’ ” the judge sitting to her far right said without enthusiasm. He was English, wearing a black T-shirt that had cost more than her entire ensemble, and she knew from previous shows that he had a perfect set of teeth, but he seemed disinclined to waste one of his dazzling smiles on the likes of her.
“What’s you’re name?” he asked.
“Detroit,” she said proudly.
“Where are you from?”
“Michigan,” she said, eliciting a new wave of titters.
“How old are you, Detroit?
“I’m 308″…

Now it was the third judge’s turn to patronize her. “How interesting,” he said, studying his own image in a TV monitor. “And what’s little Miss Detroit’s big dream, hmmm?”
“I want to be a world-class city,” Detroit answered.
“A world-class city,” the third judge repeated. “Like, say … Chicago?”…

The ensuing tsunami of derisive laughter all but swept her off the stage. The pretty judge wiped tears from her eyes, gasping for breath between her shrieks. The one who’d asked her about Chicago was doubled overBrian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press

Bigger Than Jade Goody – Official!

Susan Boyle biggest reality TV star ever?

Bigger than Jade Goody. Jade… Goody… No? Oh, never mind. Susan Boyle is huge!

Singer Susan is poised to become the biggest reality TV star EVER after cracking America in just one week.

She has won rave reviews with her performances for US chat-show royalty Oprah Winfrey and Larry King.

Royalty, like Fergie or Prince Edward. So far Susan Boyle has been patronised by Anderson Cooper, Larry King and will very soon be touched by Oprah Winfrey. And Jay Leno failed to book her so just stuck his hair in a ferret’s cage.

Millions have logged on to YouTube to watch her stunning performances. She has been praised by Hollywood stars like Ghost beauty Demi Moore.

Demi… What did I do wrong? Demi? Come back. Demiiiiiiiiii, I’ve hungered for your touch…

She is being courted by top film producers.

And her face now adorns showbiz merchandise around the world – Sarah Jellema, The People

Gay Day

Susan was all of a twitter last night after learning she’s a global gay icon – even though she’s straight.

She is being invited to star in this year’s San Francisco Gay Pride festival, which attracts 1.5million people.

But the devout Catholic said: “They think I’m gay? Oh no – I’m not gay. It’s very nice of them but, oh my!” – Sarah Jellema, The People

To Boyle: A dictionay definition

All this foreshadowed the commencement of her singing, which instantaneously evaporated the misperceptions we’d invented, causing most of us to respond with unmitigated shock — including the judges, assuming they, too, were in the dark — morphing instantaneously into collective joy – Michael Russnow, Huff Po

Susan Boyle – she can be whatever you want her to be…

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