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Kate McCann’s Latest Torment

by | 20th, April 2009

THE search for Madeleine McCann:


The People’s Tracey Kandohla tells readers:

Kate McCann is in torment as she prepares to fly to America for a TV show – without her twins.

In a story that has hinged on “there but for the grace of god” and “every parent’s worst nightmare”, with readers and hacks empathising with the stricken McCanns, what do we make of this latest “torment”?

And we invited to have an opinion:

A close friend revealed: “Kate was in turmoil. She’s been with the twins almost constantly. They have a very special relationship.”

Like mother and child?

“She thought about taking them with her but the children would have faced a long flight and a six-hour time difference. It would be too tiring for them and too disruptive to their normal routine.”

So we get the news and the explanation. Why mention other children and invite readers to look at them? We get to appreciate Kate McCann’s thoughts and thought process. Why? The parents are innocent. So why do we need this insight?

The McCanns seem aware that we are not all looking for Our Maddie but many of us are just watching the parents, gawping at them and making judgements.

The pal added: “Kate definitely needed a lot of persuading to make this trip. But this is a global platform to remind the world their daughter is still out there somewhere.”

And in case you were forming your own opinion, here’s the PR:

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed: “They do not want to be away from the twins for too long.”

Thanks for that update, which surely aids the hunt for Our Maddie by keeping her in the news and helping us look away from the parents, or not…

The search for Madeleine McCann – two years of news…

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