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Susan Boyle Lives With A Man

by | 20th, April 2009

BRITAIN’S Got Talent Susan Boyle has “finally bagged herself a fella”.

So says the Sun in “Susan has got a man at last”.

One in the eye for all those who bullied, teased and prodded Susan with sticks. Susan Boyle’s not a joke any more.

The 48-year-old — who’s never been kissed — now has a live-in hunk to fend off her growing fanbase. The mystery man even answers the door at Susan’s home in Blackburn, West Lothian — and yesterday he saw off scores of autograph hunters desperate to meet the singing sensation.

Who has bagged La Boyle?

Virgin Susan has become a global sensation — with 50million hits on YouTube to watch her version of West End hit I Dreamed A Dream.

A virgin? But he lives with her? Is she keeping him waiting?

And the strain of her busy new life was starting to show as she refused to smile on the short trip to the service.

That’s it. Anorak’s backing Shaheen. Bag The Boyle!

It also emerged last night that Susan shared a stage with Pop Idol’s Michelle McManus, Fame Academy winner David Sneddon and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Andy Muir in a talent show. Amazingly none of the four won at the Linlithgow Rose Social Club.

Yes, er, amazing. Its turns out all four lost to a man who could say tongue twisters backwards in the style of Michael Jackson swallowing a live electric eel, with first place won by a top-heavy, young blonde woman who could read minds.


ITV last night said Susan’s minder was not a “bodyguard” but a member of the production crew.

Let’s hope he’s not after Susan for her fame and will drop her like a hot bikini wax when she fails to win.

Update 2: Susan Boyle’s real name is Armani Dolce. Pictures of her – naked – here.

How long will the Boyle sensation last? Anorak says until she removes her fright wig, undoes her Frump Suit and reveals herself as the blonde stunna God made her…

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