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Jade Goody Advertises Jo Malone Face Cream

by | 21st, April 2009

jackiey-buddenWITH Jade Goody open to offers, and Jack Tweed in choky, it is left to Jackiey Bunden to keep the brand alive with an exclusive interview in OK!.

Having asked the media to leave the family alone, Jade’s mum now bravely pulls on a dress, tightens a belt and leans back in hr deisnger kitchen to tells us:


The moments after Popadom-gate were trying, but this is news from Jade’s celebrity cancer – news which only matures as Jackiey repeats it.

Jackiey tells us:

“Do you know how many times me, Jack and Kevin [Adams] used to look at each other and say: ‘Why don’t you just die?’”

As we say, tough times. But let’s not make matters worse. Let’s not turn a deat into a massacre.

And the smothering:

“I could have done it… I remember the nurse touching me and saying: We’re ready now’… Jack put every single loose cushion over his head and curled up on the sofa…”

Jackiey is pictured lighting a candle. Not a Jade Goody official cancel in the winds (parp!) candle but a big white one.

Jackiey recalls how when Jade died, she put “an apron on and washed her and I covered her in her favourite cream, Jo Malone… You have to use Joe Malone, it was her favourite.” (Max, call me…)

And the boys, Booby and Freddy?

“Me and Jeff [dad] have been completely straight with them all the way. Now they know about the angels and Mummy becoming a star in the sky…”

Balls of gas spinning in space millions of miles away…

And as for fame… “Yours and Jack’s fame came from Jade, do you worry about fading now?”

That question to you, Jackiey, in OK! magazine…

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