Anorak News | Mohamed Al Fayed calls FA “donkeys”

Mohamed Al Fayed calls FA “donkeys”

by | 21st, April 2009

mf-with-fulham-flagFACED with accusations that he is looking to sell off his beloved Fulham FC, Mohamed Al Fayed has blasted back, in the only way he knows how…

The Harrods boss said (well, shouted) in a statement on Fulham’s website:

“I own the best club in the world, with the best team and the best fans. I want to reassure people of this, because sometimes there are naughty rumours that I may sell the club.”

Mo continued his splendid rant:

“I am not going to give up on other things in the game either. Take my crusade against sky-high players’ wages. Our expenses bill rose by 17 percent last year. How can it be right for top players to be earning £15, £20 million a year? It’s crazy. These wages need to be capped. But I worry that it won’t happen, because the Premier League and the FA are run by donkeys who don’t understand business, who are dazzled by money.”

No matter that Fulham clearly is not the best club in the world, it’s great to hear Mad Mo back to his bombastic best.

Incidentally, Fulhams fans have a terrific chant about their owner:

“Al Fayed, wooah-woah! He wants to be a Brit, and QPR are shit!”


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