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Susan Boyle Meets Demi Moore In America

by | 21st, April 2009

demi-moore-susan-boyleSUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle is in interview with OK! magazine, telling of loves lost and Demi Moore gained…

Susan Boyle: “There are no words to describe how America has been. It’s actually blown me away”

OK!: “Your first performance seemed heartfelt, it felt like you were singing about a love affair gone wrong…”


SB: “There were circumstances that I was singing about in the song that I know about. But I don’t want to talk about it, it’s too personal”

Nothing is too personal now, Susan…

OK! Has she been kissed?

SB: “I wish I’d never said that – I only meant it as a joke”

Not so innocent after all?

SB: “I have lived a life. They just don’t know about it!”


OK!: “And you’ve felt the emotions around heartbreak?”

SB: “Yea, I felt them. I have felt them deeply.”

OK: Is Susan Boyle looking for love?

SB: “There’s plenty of time to find love. I’d like to visit America but I’m a wee bit reserved about the men. I’d like to keep myself to myself”.

On her image:

SB: “Being myself hasn’t done me any harm so far. If you loose your identity you become something that’s false and people stop believing in you. Why should I go for Botox and things like that? You don’t need all that. If you can’t be yourself then who can you be?”

The future?

SB: “I’ve never been to America. But it’s my dream to visit the USA.”

And then:

SB: “I was so flattered when I heard Demi Moore had cried when she heard my voice. She’s a great actress.”

Er? Remember this?

As Boyle put it:

She had no idea who Ashton was and although she’d heard of Demi, she didn’t really know who she was. But now she is very grateful for their support”

Susan Boyle – stay true to yourself…

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