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Filming Starts On Slumdog Millionaire 2: Video

by | 21st, April 2009

slumdog-millionaire-2AFTER Slumdog Millionaire comes Slumdog Smack Down: Mumbai Or Die, as Rubina Ali’s mother reacts with fury to news that her ex is trying to sell their daughter to the highest bidder.

This is method acting at its very finest – method acting not seen since Heath Ledger rose form the dead to collects his Oscar, posthumously!

Rubina will be sold, surely, and then have her eyes gouged and sing on India’s Got Talent.

Then to Slumdog Millionaire III: Inflation Madness, in which Rubina appears on Oprah Winfrey to advertise Jade Goody’s curry sauces and chutneys – Goody Gracious Me! – in order to make ends meet since the bottom fell out the Rupee and she used the bank notes to build a new compact and bijou apartment in up-and-coming Bangalore.


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