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Susan Boyle’s New Image Bikini Body

by | 21st, April 2009

boyle-thumbsSUSAN Boyle Watch: In which Elizabeth Tillinghast – a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in New York City – tells Huffington Post readers what Susan Boyle means to us all, and how Susan saves the planet:

By daring to sing in front of us, Susan Boyle set herself a challenge, but she set us one too.

Not to switch over and see what’s on BBC1?

We could have flattened her (although maybe not, with this woman!), but we certainly could have humiliated her, killed her dream by refusing to give in to this unlikely temptress. Like Odysseus, we could have bound ourselves to the mast, tempted by the call of her song, but unwilling to throw ourselves in.

Plug your ears with beeswax – here comes La Boyle:

Instead, we fell for her. We let her take us by storm, and made her dream come true; right there, right on that stage, we changed her into a wildly famous singer.

Well done us. Way. To. Go.

But she changed us too. She gave us a chance.

She cried for our sins…

Susan Boyle changed our image of her, but also our image of ourselves…She gave us hope that maybe it’s not too late.


Boyle’s frumpishness and gauche demeanour have a voyeuristic appeal, but it is her voice that captivates. Was Hollywood’s Queen of Twitter, Demi Moore, ever moved to tears by Paige’s caterwauling rendition of Memory? I doubt it; not unless they were tears of pain. Has Oprah ever pursued sofa-time with Paige as she is doing with Boyle? Did US networks ever doorstep her, even at the height of her Evita fame?- Liz Hunt, Telegraph

Beware of the Boyle

Boyle’s performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” was so powerful that it is scaring people – Eric Bergeson, Morris Sun

“Is Boyle like Obama?”

Patricia Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University in New York, likened Boyle’s story to the election of Barack Obama in an op-ed piece for Britain’s Observer newspaper headlined: “I know those sneers. I’ve heard them too.”

“Boyle’s ability to up-end conventional preconceptions is akin to what the ‘black is beautiful’ movement of the 1970s tried to accomplish: a debunking of surface-based biases in favour of deeper commitments to fairness, intelligence, courage, humility, patience, re-examined aesthetics and the willingness to listen,” wrote Professor Williams.

“Dismissing her – or anyone – based on careless expectations about what age or lack of employment supposedly signify is the habit of mind common to all forms of prejudice” – Christian Science Monitor

The Boyle of mobile phones

The Blackberry Storm is Not The Susan Boyle of International Phones Jaunted

Boyle saves Wall Street

Maybe it’s the warmer temperatures and sunny skies, the recent YouTube clip of Susan Boyle or the rescue of the Maersk Alabama, but it seems like things are looking up! Last week was a pretty good week on Wall Street as well, especially for the banks The Street

The Susan Boyle of bikinis

During a new interview, Kathy [Griffin] says, “The internets are a-blazed! I’ve always had a banging bikini body and I just now decided to reveal it at 48. I am like the Susan Boyle of bikini bodies.” – Perez Hilton

We win!

Will YouTube Sensation Susan Boyle Save the Global Economy? CNBC

Susan Boyle – all things to all people…

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