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Jews In Danger As London Theatre Cancels Israeli Event

by | 22nd, April 2009

it_aint_half_hot_mum_azTO London’s Bloomsbury Theater, where the Zionist Federation’s annual Israeli Independence Day celebrations are taking place on 28 April.

If you like standing in a circle clapping along with nationalists, sturdy-thighed fecund Israeli girls and watermelon pickers then this is event for YOU. It’s like St George’s Day without the razzamatazz and thrillzzzzzz.

But anti-Israel groups have protested at the participation of an IDF entertainment troupe at the event.

Meet the gang ‘cos the gang’s all here, the gang to stop entertaining you…

Despite the IDF troupe being removed from the programme by the ZF, the Bloomsbury received the following e-mail fromĀ a fringe group calling itself the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network:

Or JAZ for short:

How will you monitor that IDF performers will not appear under another guise? On a matter so serious as entertaining the presence of those accused of genocide by the UN and others respected for human rights monitoring, surely you don’t intend to be satisfied that the IDF’s removal from the ZF’s publicity is enough.

The Bloomsbury replies:

Further to my recent e-mail regarding proposed performances at the theatre by an entertainment troupe associated with the Israel Defence Force, it has now been decided that, despite assurances that the troupe had been withdrawn from the line-ups, the events in question will now be cancelled. Thanks again for your e-mail; I hope to welcome you to an event at the Bloomsbury Theatre in the future.

And there it is. Case closed. Freedom has been championed. That showed ’em. Jews are all one group. They are all the same. No diversity. Just one big cabal. Diaspora? No, never heard of it.

Israel can be as wrong as any other country – and has made made mistakes – but the standards for Israel seem to exceed those expected from other nations. Why?

The talk is of genocide – so subtly diminishing the genocide of 60 years past. Wrong on both sides – and atrocity, prejudice and illegality. But genocide?

As the Jersusalem Post says:

In April 2006, the Bloomsbury Theater hosted an event to commemorate the events of Deir Yassin. Titled “How Palestine became

Israel,” it was organized by a fringe group called Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), led by Paul Eisen.

On the group’s board of advisers is Swedish journalist Joran Jermas, also known as

Israel Shamir. Both Eisen and Shamir have been accused of Holocaust denial.

And so it goes…

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