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Angelina Jolie Wants Her Brother’s Baby

by | 22nd, April 2009

angelina-jolie-james-haven-kissDID Angelia Jolie cheat on Brad Pitt? asks Grazia magazine.

Yes? No? Let’s investigate.

It’s the “split latest”. Grazia say the “rift in their relationship” is “deeper than ever”. This, it says, is “starkly apparent”.

So we wonder: Is Angelina about to put an X in Brad’s name, as she has with her other men – Knox, Maddox and Pax?

A source tells of dividing assets, lawyers and nastiness. And then there is an alleged infidelity as sources tell of Brad in a clinch with a nanny, Angelina talking with a co-worker and her surviving on “nuts and berries”.

Is Nuts and Berries Ange’s codename for her brother James, who she can be seen kissing on the lips on the Enquirer’s front page?

“Angelina wants her brother’s baby,” says a source. No, not for spares. But for herself.

Might this be the logical progression of life in the Hollywood fishbowl? Might Jolie give birth to a Jolie Jolie, or, even better, a Jolie Jolie-Jolie?

Sources say Ange is “pushing” James to adopt and she will play mum to his dad.

Brad is said to be unhappy. But what if James adopts Brad, who, as we’ve read in Grazia, may be looking for a secure family unit?

Then James can hook up with Jennifer Aniston and everyone can be happy, happy, happy…

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