Anorak News | Real Madrid defender goes beserk

Real Madrid defender goes beserk

by | 23rd, April 2009

25120_newsSPANISH football is up in arms at the shocking behaviour of Pepe, Real Madrid’s volatile Portuguese defender. Last weekend, near the end of Madrid’s dramatic 3-2 win against Getafe, Pepe kicked out at Javier Casquero in a Cantona kung-fu stylee – not once but twice. It amounted to a serious assault, just as bad as Zinedine Zidane’s World Cup headbutt or King Eric’s leap into the crowd at Selhurst Park.

Pepe was sent off, of course, though he didn’t go quietly: as he departed the field, he told the fourth official: “You’re all sons of bitches.” Feisty lad, clearly.

Watch Pepe’s moment of madness below…

The Portuguese mentalist now faces a major suspension and fine by both the Spanish league and his club. He has claimed to be so upset at his actions that he is thinking about quitting football for good.

He said: “These are the worst days of my life. I do not have any desire to return to playing football. I have seen the replays of the incident, but I do not recognize myself. I lost my cool and I went crazy, but that is not me.”

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