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Shake A Baby To Death With iPhone Nanny Training

by | 24th, April 2009

inflatable-baby-punch-bagYOU can do anything on your Apple iPhone. You can join a social network and pretend to have friends; call your therapist; and play loadsa games while you wait for new freinds to join your virtual Tupperware Party. And you can ever prepare for that nannying job in the US by shaking the crying baby to death with iPhone Baby Training

APPLE has apologised after a “deeply offensive” game for the iPhone called Baby Shaker was approved for sale in their online store.

Baby Shakes are served:

The application, which appeared in Apple’s App Store on Monday and cost US99c ($A1.40) to download, allowed a user to violently shake an iPhone screen to make a baby stop crying.

Lss than a dollar to vent your anger on a screen instead of the real life baby? Soon these games will become the must-have executive tension relief aids for overworked mums and nursery workers:

After enough shakes, the hand-drawn baby displayed on the screen stopped wailing and a large red “X’’ appeared over each eye.

The game does not end there. The player in then inducted into an online village and has to dodge p[ebbles and small house bricks thrown by angry baby lovers…

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