Anorak News | BBC Vicar Says Susan Boyle Is Our Jesus

BBC Vicar Says Susan Boyle Is Our Jesus

by | 24th, April 2009

susan-boyle-cross-jesusSUSAN Boyle Watch: In which Susan Boyle is just like Jesus…

“Susan Boyle is like Jesus, says vicar,” says the OneIndia website.

You mean, she was just like Jesus before he went to the Miss Toner salon?

Rev Angela Tilby praised her ‘inner gift’ and said her ‘authority reminded her of Christ.

“When she came on people laughed, but as she opened her mouth the mood altered. Those watching tapped into something we don’t understand.

Saturday night telly turning the average fare into a ready-meal for all.

“It reminded me bizarrely of how the gospels speak of Jesus. They claimed he had an authority which was utterly convincing. But at the same time he’s identified with the broken figure from the book of Isaiah, one with no beauty – despised of men.”

Rev Tilby, from Cambridge, then dedicated a BBC Radio 4 Thought for the Day to the singer.

Let us pray…

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