Anorak News | RBS Demands £40,000 From G20 Teenager

RBS Demands £40,000 From G20 Teenager

by | 24th, April 2009

g20-girl-rbsTHE Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) wants £40,000 in compensation from a 17-year-old girl who attacked a branch during G20 protests in London.

She had best pay up else be beaten to a bloody pulp by the police, possibly away from the cameras and in accordance with the big book, which should be wrapped in a sock or pillow case.

The girl stands in West London Youth Court, and admits to burglary and criminal damage to the Threadneedle Street branch of the RBS on 1 April, yer honour.

Police testify that they did see the girl smashing a computer monitor with a keyboard and flinging the keyboard against a window, breaking it. The girl was not wearing name tag or identification number but police are certain it was her.

Mrs Crighton, prosecuting, delivers a sympathetic back story:

“She admits breaking through the police cordon and said she had done so to rescue some of her friends who had been contained in a police ‘kettle’.

“At the time she got caught up in the heat of the moment. She thought it would be a good idea to go into the [bank’s] foyer.

“When she got inside she thought it would be a better idea to smash up the computer.

“She said she changed her mind and tried to throw the computer through the window instead.

“She was seen picking up a keyboard and smashing a window.”

Defence solicitor, Miranda Ching, counters:

“RBS have gone for compensation in the sum of £40,000. In my view, this is wholly unjustified.

“It may well be that a substantial amount of criminal damage was caused as a whole by other people on 1 April.

“We must look at what my client is charged with and that is IT equipment.

“That seems to be, at most, one computer keyboard and one computer monitor.”

The girl, born in Scotland says she will not repeat the incident and since Susan Boyle came to the fore has found a new reason to live.

She will now channel her violence into more worthwhile pursuits, and seeks to join the police force at the earliest available opportunity……

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