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Hollie Steel To Play Young Susan Boyle On Film

by | 26th, April 2009

hollie-steelHOLLIE Steel, the latest Britain’s Got Talent wannabe could-be – she who will Lance La Boyle – is telling the world about her “BULLY HELL” (Star on Sunday).

In an “exclusive”, Hollie sits her neat head atop her clenched fists and tells readers of her “playground taunts”.

Says mum Nina:

“Hollie has suffered quite bad bullying because she is small. She used to come home crying because she had been pushed around and had her hair pulled. Now the bullying is more verbal, with name-calling.”

Hollie sounds like a shoo-in to play Young Susan in Susan Boyle: the movie.

“Girls now say she is ugly and pick on her for her singing. They laugh at her and make fun of her. But thankfully, Hollie is coping.”

You show ’em, Hollie.

“The sad thing is that people at the school didn’t even know she had done Britain’s Got Talent. Hollie didn’t want to tell people because it gives the bullies more reason to pick on her.”

So mum skips the headmaster and goes to the highest power in the land – the media. Hollie is now under fame’s protective cloak, immune from bullying and loved by and all forever.

But what’s this? Hollie is talking to the Mirror:

“Simon is a bully. He was very mean to me. He might have thought it was funny but it’s lonely up there on that stage on your own. I’m only 10 and when he said those things about my tutu I felt like I wanted to cry.

“I had tears in my eyes but I didn’t want him to see me cry like the bullies at school so I thought of things that made me happy. I thought of being in the final of Britain’s Got Talent and winning it.”

Does Simon Cowell, for it is he, dare not to vote for Hollie?

And can Simon Cowell take on God’s will?

The parents of singing sensation Hollie Steel believe it’s a miracle she can perform – because at the age of four she nearly DIED.

Mum Nina, 37, said: “She was in hospital for three months and there were moments when it was life and death – she was all skin and bones and doctors thought she might not recover.

“Even when she stabilised, they told me they would have to remove a lung. I was in bits and at times thought she might not make it, or if she did, she wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life.

“Now she has this amazing voice that melts your heart – it’s a miracle she can sing at all.”

She is a gift from God. Says Hollie (reading from the Max Clifford bumper book of PR):

“I was kind of scared at the beginning but then I got used to it, and then everyone was clapping and cheering. It was fantastic. I was scared because I was wondering if they would say bad things or good things, but I’m glad they said good things.”

But that about that bullying?

“I’m going to do what Simon says and stop the dancing. I want to sing Nessun Dorma.”

None shall sleep. Holli Steel is a boil washed Paul Potts.

Says Mum Nina:

“I’m just like any other mother – I think my children are great and I want the rest of the world to know that too.”

And don’t take against mum Nina, because, as the Mail says:

Both Nina, 37, and her husband Jason, 38, are NHS audiologists, helping elderly people and children with hearing problems.

Some irony there. But it’s another layer on Hollie’s sympathetic back story masterclass.

What odds on hearing from a pensioner who only heard again after Hollie sang to her?

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