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Obama Came Into Contact With Suspected Pig Flu

by | 27th, April 2009

obama-pig-flu1EVER since Barack Obama rose to the international fore, the media back story has been on when he will die.

Today, the Daily Mail manages to feature the Barack Obama Death Cult in the swine flu scare story. Watch were you put that lipstick, Barry:

A man who shook Barack Obama’s hand in Mexico died the next day from symptoms similar to those of swine flu.

Before we get to the Princess Diana moment, with Obama touring the hospitals pressing flesh, and, who know, maybe even heeling a few patients, we learn:

The White House insisted the President’s health was not in any danger, but he was said to be taking the threat of an epidemic “very seriously”.

So he’s not ill. Obama is fit enough to play golf; and he is taking the epidemic seriously:

The President’s health advisers were already concerned about his visit south of the border after learning the contagious virus first struck in Mexico City on April 13 – three days before Mr Obama flew in to meet government officials.

Rightly so. But what of the dead man, the one with those swine-fly symptoms?

Their alarm grew after learning that Felipe Solis, director of the National Anthropology Museum, had died from pneumonia. Mexican health boss Jose Cordova, however, said Mr Solis was already ill and his death was unrelated to swine flu.

See the headline:

Obama shakes hands with ill man; Ill man dies.

Hey, everyone’s fallible…

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