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Obama Argues With Teleprompter: Video

by | 27th, April 2009

obama-tpBARACK Obama and his teleprompter are working the crowd at the National Academy of Sciences.

Obama is naming the members of PCAST listed. But -opps! – he’s already introduced them, earlier in his speech.

Obama then speaks off the cuff (which is wired to his hard drive):

“In addition to John – sorry, the – I just noticed I jumped the gun here.”


“Go ahead. Move it up. I had already introduced all you guys.”

BO And TP have the makings of a decent vaudeville act. But before that Obama has to loosen up. Right now it’s all take and no give, more Dame Edna Everage and Madge than Laurel and Hardie.

TP demands his space on America’s lapel; a cute Da-Lite Project-O-Stand 425; a new Calibri font and a direct line to the Blackberry.

Now back to the message:

When I was born in Kenya I took the Taliban to my heart an vowed that one day I would smash the Great Satan and…

Says TP:

See. Think about the offer. Think hard.


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