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Pig Flu Linked To Cancer

by | 28th, April 2009

daily-wail117MEDIA Scare stories: pig flu will kill all of you!

An armoury of drugs. A global network tracking every new outbreak. Instant diagnosis by phone. We’ve never been better prepared to tackle a flu pandemic… OR HAVE WE? – Daily Mail

“Shin Bet: ‘Pope Mobile’ Not Good Enough to Protect Pontiff” – Haaretz

Swine flu is a real scare story – Some GPs are complaining that they are being kept in the dark over swine flu. They haven’t been “officially” alerted, so they don’t know what to tell patients. Yet the quality and quantity of information presented by the media should leave no one, doctor or lay person, in ignorance. It reflects accurately the high level of concern felt by the experts, without additional hype. And that’s what alarms me most; this is one health scare in no need of further hype – Liz Hunt, Daily Telegraph

“Pajama-Clad Toddlers Ransack Neighbor’s Home” – WYFF-TV

“Waterford Township Winds Blow Chihuahua Away” – Detroit News

“Obama’s Host Dies From ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’ ” – Independent

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