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Jade Goody’s Mum Has A ‘Gun’

by | 28th, April 2009

jackiey-budden1IN “Jade’s mum: I have a gun”, Sun readers learn that Jade Goody’s mum, Jackiey. Budden, “sparked an airport terror alert yesterday — after saying that she had a GUN.”

Jade has died and in a bid to keep her place in the papers warm ready for any return the papers spot the professional Jade Goody mum on her way to the sun.

Thanks to Jackiey, there will now be a debate about racial profiling in the broadsheets and over in the tabloids many thoughts on how Jackiey meant it as a cry for help. OK! will ask Jackiey who she would shoot if she did have a gun and if she’d have ever shot Jade in face, perhaps in time for its pre-emptive obituary issue.

And what of the gun?

Anorak readers cannot help but notice that Jackiey has one limp arm she keeps tucked inside a pocket. What with looking out for bunged-up Mexican pigs and jihadis, boarder guards may react unfavourably to a woman with her hand in her pocket talking of a gun.

And if you think that’s spite, Sun reader “plastic paddie” adds:

it’s alright, she’s harmless…

The Sun spots Jackiey on her way to Tenerife:

A horrified check-in girl raised the alarm after asking Jackiey if she had anything dangerous in her bags. She replied: “Only my gun.”


The 51-year-old was strip-searched and quizzed for 45 minutes after the ill-judged quip. Police finally let her go, but she almost missed the flight to Tenerife after the captain refused to take her.

A “source” at Thomson, which organised the flight from Gatwick, adds:

“It was total chaos. They went through her luggage with a fine-tooth comb. Then the captain decided he did not want her and there were some frantic calls from head office to persuade him.”

How times change. Were Jade still clinging to life, the Thompson captain would now be exposed as an utter bastard who turned on Our Jade.

But now he seems reasonable, a slice of the real world encroaching on a media story that was ever utterly unreal….

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