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Susan Boyle Fans Invade Scotland

by | 28th, April 2009

susan-boyle-houseSUSAN Boyle fans Lynn Scheffer and Bev Hohe flew from Pennsylvania to Blackburn, West Lothian to see the great hope.

At least that’s what the Sun reports. And Bev is happy to keep the story of transatlantic-stalking alive. Says she:

“Susan is just amazing. As soon as we saw the song on YouTube we knew we had to try and meet her.”

So you wrote a letter and asked if she’d like to meet?

“We asked at a local pub and someone gave us Susan’s address and here we are. I really hope she comes home soon and talks to us. We’ve been speaking to some of her neighbours and they’re just swell.”

What odd Susan Boyle is already at home and is calling the police to tell them of two American who have flown in from Mexico to meet her.

One of them is eating a pork sandwich and the other has a turned up nose and a sweaty pink face.

There is a fine line between stalking and wanting to meet a celebrity and Bev and Lyn might have just overstepped it.

Of course, to really be an obsessive it helps to be Japanese:

Susan’s neighbour Margaret Smith said: “We’ve not been getting much sleep. On Sunday we had four Japanese tourists outside taking pictures of the house at 4am.”

People standing around for hours on end in the hope of getting a glimpse of a one-song hit celebrity. How the media can laugh at such stupidity. Tsk!

Fancy not using a live satellite link up…

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