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Angelina Jolie’s Secret Child

by | 28th, April 2009

angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-pregnantANGELINA Jolie “STUNS” Brad, says the Enquirer.

No, not with a Taser. Angelina stuns him with a baby.

This headline news suggests that Brad – a father to six – is very easily stunned, going round in a state of perpetual shock, marvelling at the big orange light in the sky, the wonder of blinking and making noises with that hole in his face.

But the Enquirer has an alternative reading of its own news, Is says Angelina is pregnant and asks: “Did she trick him?”

We imagine Jolie doing the daily headcount of the brood – “0-1-2-3-4-5-6”.

Brad – d’oh! – fails to notice that Angelina begins on zero, so blurring the fact that her are not six children calling him dad but seven.

Yeah, seven Brad. Seven. And the other hand… Seven…

Five… six… blink… blink…

Oh, never mind…

Note: Back in November 2008, In Touch magazine said Jolie was pregnant with child Number 7.  Seeing how she has kept that bump from the world’s media, makes us wonder if Brad is less easy to stun than Jolie is a shape-shifting mistress of deception?

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