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Fattest Mum Raises Triplet Babies On McDonald’s

by | 28th, April 2009

leanne-saltTHE country’s “Fattest mother” – Leanne Salt – feeds her triplets on McDonald’s fast food. The children are eight-months-old.

The woman’s name? Mrs Salt.

And so we add a page to Anorak’s Nominative Determinalism Guide Book.

Mrs Salt weighed 40 stone when she gave birth to her three children – Deanna, Daisy and Finlee. She weighs over 30 stone now. Leanne Salt is 24.

Says she in Closer magazine:

“My babies were six months old when they had their first McDonald’s. They had chicken nuggets and chops and loved it.”


“Anyway, they don’t always have junk food – sometimes I’ll cook them a microwave lasagne. Babies are always hungry – sometimes it’s easier to give them food that’s already prepared.”

At 2pm on the dot each child eats a packet of Wotsits.

The children look fine as they dandle on a place where Leanne’s knees might be.

But the story is all a cue for the magazine medics to say that the children are not fine and are going to live lingering horrible lives being morbidly obese with stomachs with their own post codes and no friends and a sex life as out of reach as their genitals.

If there is one thing we can glean from the massively fat it is that they love eating fatty, fast food and were it not for a patronising know-better media in cahoots with a nannying Government the fat would be free to be happy to make their own choices and not be held up as freaks for the thin to gawp at and pity and put on drugs in therapy suites.

Get this from the Telegraph:

While extreme, their case illustrates the crisis of childhood obesity in Britain, where a quarter of five-year-olds are too fat according to government figures.

Who says you are too fat? And what are you “too fat” for?

Recent research from the World Cancer Research Fund found that babies who gain weight too quickly in the first months of life could be more likely to be overweight later, putting them at risk of diseases including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Yeah, could. Such are the facts.

Leanne says “big is beautiful”.

And thanks to nice check from Closer she now has the cash to be even bigger…

Image: Unique Daily

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