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‘Britney Spears’ Arrested

by | 30th, April 2009

britney-spears-arrestedNEWS now on Britney Spears. And news via the newswires that:

Two men ordered to stay away from Britney Spears.”

How hard it is to stay away from Spears is something Anorak put to the test.

We dressed a mother of two with a history of mental illness and need-to-be-noticed issues in a blonde wig; we then extended the blonde wig by way of another longer blonde wig.

We dressed “The Experiment” in hot pants, boob tube and what appears to be the thread of a tampon.

We then pressed play on big stereo and invited her to mime along to the song whilst dry humping a lamp-post and then strutting to and for like Max Wall in a state of confusion.

True enough to say that two men did stay away, as did many women and, notably, children.

Other men, however, could not stay away and they arrived to stalk “The Experiments” and then molest her into a white car with neon blue and orange markings…

Proving that Britney Spears is impossible to resist…

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