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Carrie Prejean Stars In Anti-Gay Marriage Advert: Video

by | 30th, April 2009

carrie-prejean2REMEMBER when a beauty queen talking politics was all the more reason to appreciate her in evening gown and bikini attire?

Now beauty queen’s like Miss California USA Carrie Prejean are not only listened to but placed in the context of a wider political agenda.

Prejean said she believed that marriage was between a man and a woman. This showed her as being intolerant to gay marriage – or not wishing the noble institution on the gays?

While dad’s eyes misted over, and mum sucked in her tum, the gays took a sharp intake of breath. How very dare she!

We will not tolerate intolerance! Chief champion of tolerance is gay blogger Perez Hilton, who championed freedom and civil liberties by calling Prejean a bitch and threatening to mug her.

Now Prejean is part of a campaign for the National Organization for Marriage, a group with a name generated by National Socialism and possessed of all the charm of a gulag’s outside privy.

In the US where navel gazing is all the rage, and a voracious media needs feeding, where anyone not in a special needs group is in a special needs group this is all a terrifically big deal.

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