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Susan Boyle Rival DJ Talent Arrested

by | 1st, May 2009

dj-talentIT’S Britain’s Got Talent’s DJ Talent, the gold-mawed DJ who led the crowd in the chant: “You say Britain, I say Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, it’s DJ Talent”.

Make it stop!

And no sooner said than done, as the Sun screams: “Rapper Talent on sex pic rap.”

Brian Flynn and Rhodri Phillips tell readers:

An ex-lover of TV rapper DJ Talent branded him “crazy” last night after he stalked her and blackmailed her with explicit sex photos. Fawne Cox, 27, said she was terrorised by the Britain’s Got Talent hopeful after she dumped him for being tight-fisted and having bad breath.

This is the same DJ Talent, aka Anthony Ghosh, who told the Mirror:

“Loads of girls have been getting in touch, sending me knickers and that.”

And who tells the Mirror’s hackette:

“Listen I’d know how to show you a good time. We’d go for some dinner, probably a Harvester as they do a good chicken and salad. I’d let you order whatever you want and if you thought it was a bit cheap we could get a bottle of champagne. Then we could head off to a wine bar where I could serenade you.”

You say..?

“Would I invite you back to mine? Not on the first date. I’d make you wait until the second. I’ve had about 1,000 women. And once they’ve had a go they usually come back for more.”

Sometimes, as the Sun reports, they come back for more with the police in tow:

The rapper — real name Anthony Ghosh — was arrested after he sent photos of him and Fawne having sex to her parents and bosses. Gold-toothed Ghosh allegedly stalked Fawne in the street and vowed to kill himself if she didn’t take him back. He was given an official caution by cops after he admitted sending the snaps.

And know that:

Embarrassed Fawne was forced to quit her job at an insurance company, and took out a restraining order against Ghosh.

Readers can see picture of Fawne alone and another of Fawne with DJ Talent.

She has since rebuilt her life, but told pals: “I’m still frightened he might do something to me. He’s crazy. I don’t know what possessed me to ever go out with him.”

And pals tell the Sun, which operates as the paper of record, a security device to protect Fawne from DJ Talent and the horror of his, alleged, obsession with her…

Read all about it in the, er, national press…

Note: You can believe everything you read in the papers:

Credit Crunch Forces DJ To Sell Gold Teeth

Here’s a video of DJ Talent, who comes across as likeable and, dare it be said, entertaining:

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