Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Buried In St Lucia

Amy Winehouse Buried In St Lucia

by | 2nd, May 2009

amy-winehouse-holeOVERLOOKED for a judge’s berth on Britain’s Got Talent, Amy Winehouse is instead experiencing Caribbean heath care, having collapsed at her holiday villa.

So what happened to her?

A spokesman explains:

“Amy fainted after being out in the sun and without drinking water.”

It happens.

“She has been taking part in a lot of activities which also played a part.”

Activities? This is the non-denial denial, a fabulously obfuscating defence.

The PR establishes a back story: the client has not taken on enough water. He then feels compelled to add that client, in this case Winehouse, was not sitting in the sun just dehydrating, rather, she was engaged in “activities”.

Activities is a word suggestive of physical rigour. Beach volleyball? Sandcastle building? Being buried in a hole by a small boy; burying a small boy in a large hole?

But with nothing specified, the reader can only look at Winehouse’s track record and wonder if smoking a spliff or drinking a rum punch counts as a full fledged activity worthy of, say, a Girl Guides badge or an entry under “Hobbies” on Winehouse’s CV?

Image: The Inquisitr

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