Anorak News | Condoleezza Rice Schools Stanford’s Kos Kids: Transcript

Condoleezza Rice Schools Stanford’s Kos Kids: Transcript

by | 3rd, May 2009

CONDOLEEZZA Rice schools liberal students at Stanford University on torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and US foreign policy under George W Bush’s administration…


“Let me tell you something: unless you were there in a position of responsibility after September 11 you cannot possibly imagine the dilemmas that we faced in trying to protect Americans,” she says.

“A lot of people are second guessing now but let me tell you the second guessing that would have hurt me more is if there had been 3,000 more Americans dying because we didn’t do everything we could to protect them.”

“If you were in a position of authority and watched Americans jumping out of 80-storey buildings because these murderous tyrants go after innocent people then you would have determined to do anything you could that was legal to prevent that happening.”

She is similarly robust when rebutting the suggestion that the US has no place dealing with regimes like Saudi Arabia: “You don’t have the luxury in foreign policy of not dealing with a country because you don’t like its human rights practices.”

“Maybe before you make allegations about Guantanamo, you should READ,” says Rice…

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