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Swine Flu: The Man Boobs Pandemic

by | 3rd, May 2009

pig-boobs“SWINE Flu Now Confirmed Across British Isles,” screams Sky News.

And with that the UK turns a vivid orange colour on the big Swine Flu Map. When the map turns red it mean you’re all f***ed. So stay tuned.

Reading on, we learn:

Swine flu has now been confirmed across the British Isles as the UK infection tally rose to 15 and Ireland revealed its first case.

Fifteen. One of those is Stefano Boccino:

Student Stefano Boccino, 22, was taken to hospital on Wednesday after falling ill while travelling back from the Mexican resort of Cancun.

Suffering from a fever, dizziness and nausea and barely able to move, Stefano feared he might die in an isolation ward at the Royal Free Hospital in London as fears grew over a potential swine flu pandemic.

But just 24 hours later doctors told him he was being discharged because he ‘looked better’.

It’s 24-hour swine flu:

“The doctors had told me that they had never dealt with a case like this. But then, just 24 hours later, they wanted to send me home. A doctor said I was looking a lot better, but I said, ‘Don’t be fooled. Someone with a tan and of Italian descent will always look healthier than most. I’m not leaving. I’ll chain myself to the bed if I have to.’”

That’s people with tans for you. Would a paler person of, say, Irish descent threaten that? Swine flu and racial profiling – discuss:

“Eventually, they agreed to keep me in and blood tests revealed on Friday that the virus was leaving my system.”

So he was getting better and the medics were right?

So we can all stop worrying. Until we all catch Gynecomastia:

Unlike swine flu, this affliction is truly pandemic. Around the world, aging, expanding male baby boomers suffer in silence.

Alex Rodriguez, Simon Cowell, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta and Barack Obama have all got it:

Just look at the teets on that pig!

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