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Britain’s Got Talent: Jamie Pugh Beat The Boyle

by | 4th, May 2009

jamie-pughJAMIE PUGH is the latest Britain’s Got Talent singer to show that you can have a beard and a large chest and still sing a dirge from Les Miserables.

Very soon Les Miserables – Pugh, Boyle and many more – will form a group and tour the country enthralling the Miserabilists (fans) with feelings of inadequacy, fear and unhappiness.

In “Britain’s Got Talent star Jamie Pugh: My pain over wife’s death and why I fear show success” the Mirror talks with “panicking pizza delivery man Jamie, 38”.

Readers are introduced to “loyal partner Donna Davies, 35”, who talked Jamie into singing on the show.

“I wanted to go home,” says Jamie. “I didn’t sleep for three days before and I’m now on 40 fags a day. This is going to sound really weird – I fear success but I don’t fear failure. I’ve failed at a lot of things and I fear success because I’m Jamie. I’ve got to appear on a TV show and I’m dreading it. I’m a wreck – I’m not a star.”

Jamie‘s life has the making of a sitcom, starring Richard Briers as father to Jamie’s Joe Swash. Blame Me – I’m Jamie will see Jamie try out a new thing each week and fail horribly. In his spare time he will hum Leonard Cohen tracks and take the blame for everything from car crashes to lost loves and the recession.

Says the Mirror:

But we’ve got bad news for Jamie – unfortunately, he IS a star.

See. It’s all miserable news. Blame Jamie!

More than 12 million viewers saw the South Wales valleys singer stun judge Simon Cowell and earn a standing ovation with a spellbinding version of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables.

“If you had asked me to sing any other song I wouldn’t be able to, because I don’t know many songs. But Bring Him Home comes from my heart. It’s about what I might have lost through choices I’ve made. Believe me – if I’d not sung that song I would have gone to pieces.”

In Week 2, watch Jamie go to pieces. And scream “Blame Jamie!”

“After watching the show on telly I wanted some cigarettes but didn’t want to meet any of my pals down at the local constitutional club.

“But Donna was in her pyjamas so I had to go myself. I thought they would all be drinking in the bar so I walked into the lounge and about 20 people saw me and started clapping me – I was so embarrassed I turned red.”

Blame Jamie!

“Most of my friends don’t even know I sing. I got a text from my mate Mogsy saying, ‘Jesus, fatty, you’re in all the papers’. Apparently I made them all cry. I once tried to sing in front of my football mates in a hotel – it was an Elvis song called My Boy. I sang two lines and walked off stage and fell apart. I buried my head in Donna’s lap – I didn’t want people to look at me.”

Blame Jamie!

“What you have to realise is that I personally don’t feel I can sing. Now if there’s an expectation I can sing, it makes things even worse. If I think about my next performance I will get a head full of broken toys.”

Blame Jamie!

Oh, and if the thrill of watching a man go to bits on the telly is not enough to generate fizz in your miserable lives, the Mirror once more treads over Jamie’s miserable back story.

Jamie suffered heartbreak 10 years ago when wife Tracey died from a brain tumour, aged just 27.

Says Jamie’s mum Doreen:

“I thought he was fabulous. Jamie’s a real raw talent because he only knows three songs – the one he sang on the show, an Elvis number and The River by Garth Brooks.”

And there’s bound to be rough waters
And I know I’ll take some falls
But with the good Lord as my captain
I can make it through them all.

Or not…

Elvis Presley is dead.

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